Livable Cities Studio is an urban design and landscape architecture studio focused on addressing the needs of the contemporary city by uniting people through public spaces and connections to the natural environment. The studio is based on the idea of creating places for people and human experience. We focus on city building and addressing the complex needs of urbanization and change in our cities. We aim to create livable cities that unite people through public spaces that are designed for inclusion, social purpose and emphasize human experience. We put people first.

We see the future of cities being built on collaborative partnerships that fit the specific needs of each city, neighborhood and community. Our process starts with design collaboration, creative partnerships and a desire to bring diverse people together in intense collaborations to provide the springboard for unforeseen futures and solutions, resulting in ongoing innovation, refinement and reapplication.

To address the needs of rapid urbanization, growth and transformation of cities, our work reconsiders the traditional role of infrastructure by emphasizing people, natural systems and new forms of public space that benefit from the investment and need for infrastructure. This contemporary approach to infrastructure suggests that all forms of infrastructure are mutually beneficial by providing critical services and capacity while also creating new amenities and forms of public space that considers all aspects of the environment and broader community.

We are a certified WBE, DBE, EBE and SBE in the City and County of Denver.


Meredith Wenskoski


President and Owner of Livable Cities Studio, Meredith has over 15 years of expertise in urban redevelopment, parks and public space design. She is distinguished for her leadership, design and project management of large-scale complex efforts. She has worked on public parks, streetscapes and urban design projects focusing on developing responsible and innovative designs that respond to the needs of the place and community. Meredith’s projects emphasize the role of public space as a way to stimulate redevelopment and create socially active spaces that provide long-term benefits for cities. Meredith is known for her interdisciplinary team leadership, her responsiveness to clients and her excellent communication skills. A firm believer in the benefits of collaboration, she forms strong long-term working relationships with design teams and clients. Meredith is recognized for her rigor and follow-through and for instilling discipline and accountability into design processes.

Todd Wenskoski


Todd is an Urban Designer and Principal at Livable Cities Studio and has over 20 years of planning and redevelopment experience in both the public and private sectors. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for leading numerous multi-disciplinary teams, establishing long-range visions and guiding them through strategic implementation with an emphasis on the role of public open-space as a way to stimulate growth and create socially active spaces. He specializes in complicated urban design and planning projects focused on redevelopment, mobility, public space design, community outreach and city building. Most recently, in his role as Deputy Director of Denver Mayor Hancock’s North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC), Todd directed and oversaw a portfolio of planning initiatives and capital projects totaling over $100 million in public investment of multi-modal infrastructure, parks, and waterfronts. In addition, Todd has been a regular studio instructor and critic at the University of Colorado Denver, a studio critic at the University of Texas, Auburn University and a Career Discovery instructor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Yishuen Lo

landscape designer

Yishuen is a landscape designer and visual communications team leader at Livable Cities Studio, and has diverse interests in urban design, architectural visualization, user experience design, and emerging technologies. Her project experience includes public spaces and parks, urban design, master planning, transit-oriented development, and mixed use development. Prior to joining Livable Cities Studio, Yishuen initiated and launched virtual reality system at Design Workshop, and lead firm-wide training on 3D modeling and virtual reality. Yishuen believes great design starts with the end-users in mind, and is interested in using emerging technologies and landscape architecture to design human experiences for people and communities. Yishuen received her B.A. Urban Studies and Master of Landscape Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin, and enjoys cycling, hiking, coding, doodling, and VR games in her spare time.

Conrey Morris

landscape designer

Conrey is a Landscape Designer at Livable Cities Studio and brings broad skills in landscape architecture, planning, 3-D modeling and graphic visualizations to the team. Originally from Alexandria, VA, Conrey earned his Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University in 2017 where his studies focused on global environmental sustainability and sociology. At CSU, Conrey served as President of CSU’s Student Chapter ASLA and was awarded the ASLA Student Merit Award for demonstrated excellence in the study of landscape architecture in addition to the department’s Exemplary Leadership Award. While in university, Conrey participated in an internship program with Michael Van Valkenburg Associates in Cambridge, MA and worked as a freelance designer and digital renderer on numerous local projects in Fort Collins, gaining valuable experience on projects at all scales. Conrey sees landscape architecture as a medium for social improvement and change and aims to positively influence community and tackle key issues through compelling and influential design.

Erin Bozarth

urban designer

Erin Bozarth joined the Livable Cities Studio as an Urban Designer in 2019. She brings to the firm a background in urban planning and a unique interest in a broadly accessible public realm, with a focus on encouraging users of all ages to make healthier, active choices within the built environment. Erin earned her Master of Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, where she focused on physical design and land use planning. Prior to joining our team, Erin worked for four years in Boston as a Director of Active Design, advising institutional landowners on how to improve their ground floor environments, either in the planning stages or after project completion. Her project experience includes ground floor activation advisory on large, mixed-use master planning projects; public realm programming and placemaking; strategic and conceptual urban design; and storytelling for city building projects.


Landscape Architecture

We create public landscapes that promote social engagement and connect people to each other and nature. We offer landscape architectural design services from project conception to construction for parks, plazas, pubic infrastructure, streetscapes and other designed spaces.

Urban Design & Planning

We are city builders, shaping the built environment at the urban scale and creating living places with distinct value by transforming communities into places of greater vibrancy and public use. Our work in urban design and planning ranges from small plazas and streetscapes to urban corridors, districts, neighborhoods, and citywide strategic planning.

Civic & Ecological Infrastructure Design

Our work reconsiders the traditional role of infrastructure as a single purpose solution and engineered design to address a functional need. We see infrastructure design as an integrated solution that can create places for people and amenities for cities. Our projects range from large-scale stormwater infrastructure to transportation improvements and look to leverage infrastructure investments to shape cities and provide civic amenities for communities.

Public Engagement

People who live in the community and those who experience it day in and day out are critical voices. We lead and organize different forms of fun and creative public meetings that are meaningful, accessible, and engaging for the community and stakeholders.

Graphic Communication

We believe visual and graphic communication is a critical part of making design and planning more accessible to a broader audience, and a vital way to engage people in the process. Our work includes virtual reality experiences, project visualizations and other forms of graphic material that captures ideas, tell a story and capture information so it can be shared with a broader audience.

Project Management & Client Representative

We believe project leadership and management is built on a foundation of open communication, collaboration, and a lasting relationship with our Clients and teams. We offer project management and client representative services from visioning to implementation for large redevelopments, planning and major infrastructure projects.


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