Interstate 25 Planning Study

Denver, Colorado

Interstate 25 (I-25) in downtown Denver, between Santa Fe and 20th Street, has among the highest annual daily traffic in Colorado. The I-25 Central Planning and Environmental Linkage Study will examine alternatives to reduce overall congestion on this central connection in the regional highway network, to serve existing and future needs, with intent to improve traffic operations, travel time, multi-modal person trip capacity, and safety. The corridor parallels the South Platte River and Greenway Trail, crosses many local roadways, bike routes and rail and bus transit corridors, and is adjacent to Downtown Denver, environmental justice communities, and areas of ongoing or potential redevelopment.

‚ÄčLivable Cities Studio is part of the larger multi-disciplinary team bringing expertise in urban planning and urban design specifically related to the surrounding communities and South Platte River Greenway.

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