Golden Mill


The Golden Milling Company was one of the longest lasting flour mills in the West—surviving everything from fires and flooding to economic pressures—and eventually become a modern feed store. Located along Clear Creek in the heart of Golden, and nestled between two parks, the Golden Mill is in the prime location for a bustling community amenity space. The existing structure, which was adapted to feature multiple local food vendors and an event space with all-season patio seating is complemented by a flexible public plaza and community space. The plaza provides a large outdoor gathering space that acts as an outdoor living room with views to the creek and mountains. The active social space satisfies their desire to create a space for the community gather and enjoy local goods, great food, music, games, and fun. Seasonally, the space will be used for a farmers or winter market, provide access for food trucks and other mobile vendors, and can be covered with a shade structure.

Livable Cities Studio served as the landscape architect for the project and lead designer for the public spaces, plaza, and exterior spaces surrounding the building.