Penn/Logan Vision Plan


The Colorado Health Foundation (CHF) is located within the Uptown neighborhood on 18th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street. Aligned with their mission and a focus on giving back to the neighborhood in which they work, CHF purchased a majority of the block west of their offices with the purpose of creating a family-oriented affordable housing community with services to help those most in need. CHF saw this as a step towards bringing affordability back to an area that has already been gentrified.

The Penn/Logan project aspires to forge an intentional, multigenerational, and family-centered community, which cultivates an environment of profound belonging and care. The vision is to counteract the daily barriers, inequities, isolation, and marginalization affecting numerous Colorado families by developing an inclusive and supportive environment that allows low-middle income families and individuals to thrive.

Livable Cities Studio is leading the Vision Plan to create a new affordable and family-oriented community with services, green space, and a range of housing types. The Vision Plan will provide guidance for the physical built environment as well as the services and partners to bring the vision to life.