Sun Valley Gateway


Denver Housing Authority’s Sun Valley 10th Avenue Gateway project is the first phase of the multi-year transformation of the Sun Valley Neighborhood. The new housing, streetscape, and Grow Market will create a gateway and set the stage for the future redevelopment of the neighborhood. With the help of a $30 Million Housing and Urban Development Grant (HUD), the project will provide a preview of the new public realm, showcasing activated, safe and comfortable streets, while preserving the sense of community that exists today.

The improvements along 10th Avenue will eventually extend beyond the intersection, serving as the neighborhood’s social spine with direct access to the central square, riverfront park, and South Platte River. Based on community input and the desire to create spaces for casual social interactions, the streets include small social spaces for gathering, sitting and informal play.  A neighborhood mobility hub is integrated near the intersection, including local bus stops and a bike-share station. In response to the regional ecology, street-side stormwater planters are integrated to capture, hold, and filter runoff, while providing colorful and seasonal plants.