Bannock Street Promenade


Located at the heart of Denver and surrounded by many key civic and cultural institutions, Civic Center Park has served as Denver’s most significant gathering spot for cultural events, festivals, and First Amendment rallies for more than 100 years. Bannock Street separates the park from the City and County Building and is envisioned as an extension of the park and grand entry to the building.

Bannock gardens

Livable Cities Studio led the conceptual design for Bannock Street that reimagines an existing roadway into a new curb-less bike and pedestrian promenade and vibrant public space, by reinforcing the connections between the City and County Building and Civic Center Park. An interactive iconic water feature activates the space for children and public enjoyment while the adjacent garden rooms and shared street provide a new area for gathering and weekly or seasonal events and programs. The Bannock Street Promenade establishes a new event space and extension of Civic Center Park that reinforces its historic importance with new human-scaled elements for the enjoyment of daily use.

We’ve also created a website to help inform the public more about the project.