Sun Valley Joli & Flo Housing

Denver, Colorado

Livable Cities Studio is leading the landscape architecture and urban design for the Flo and Joli Housing projects in Sun Valley developed by the Denver Housing Authority. Construction is currently underway.

Joli Housing
Tucked in the heart of the Sun Valley neighborhood in Denver, Joli is a catalytic community development project. Focused on promoting interconnectivity, the ambitious affordable housing and mixed used development will provide a safe and healthy place to live, work and play and ultimately build a sense of community and trust. Open air circulation, architectural portals, and deliberate connections to the adjacent riverfront park work in tandem to create a seamless, open experience inside and out, while offering numerous opportunities to connect to nature and promote community wellness. 

Flo Age-Restricted Housing
Located near the confluence of Weir Gulch and the Platte River in the Sun Valley neighborhood in Denver, Flo is an age-restricted housing project that will provide much needed housing for older residents within the neighborhood. Adjacent to Riverfront Park, the project takes full advantage of leveraging connections, supporting programming and offering striking views of the park and the city beyond. A portion of the project anchors and wraps the block 3 parking garage while the south portion of the site along Bryant will have townhomes. 

Services: Urban Design | Landscape Architecture | Public Engagement