Denver Police Department District 4


How can police stations embrace be designed to embrace their civic role in our communities and contribute to public life our or cities? Conceived as a community space for the community, Denver Police Station District (DPD) 4 seeks to change the perception of their public facilities to create a new type of civic building. The station redesign creates an outward-facing facility that celebrates its role as a community space where police officers can strengthen their relationship to the residents they serve. The station design integrates building uses and public space to promote transparency and provide multiple spaces for community uses and public gatherings.

The main entry features a community room and flexible plaza space adaptable for daily use and larger community celebrations like concerts, performances, and educational seminars for youth. A sculpted garden and plaza wall shapes the public space and serves as a reminder of the many law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. Starting at the building, the sculptural wall weaves throughout the public spaces, connecting the building to the plaza, garden, and existing trees. This symbolic and playful element provides an interactive opportunity for residents to connect with police officers.