Community Networks Planning

Denver, Colorado

The Community Transportation Networks are made up of three broad zones within Denver, including Northwest, Central, and South Central. The aim for the networks is to improve mobility for all users navigating Denver, whether on foot, bike, car, or transit. The City of Denver identified 125 miles of bikeways to be implemented by 2023, and different corridors are flagged to become protected bike lanes or neighborhood bikeways after being studied in various plans since 2011. These recommendations informed and kickstarted a robust public engagement process and research/analysis of existing conditions. The bikeway recommendations act as a jumping-off point for the community to voice concerns about mobility in their neighborhood, and the Community Transportation Networks initiative sorts through those concerns and requests to collaboratively work with different departments within the City to get projects implemented under the One Build approach.

Livable Cities Studio is working with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and the project team to perform the initial existing conditions research and analysis for two corridors within the Central Networktaking part in public engagement efforts, developing mobility alternatives, and advancing conceptual designs.

Services: Urban Planning & Design | Public Engagement