Exciting to see one of our projects, Martinez Park, featured on Denver 8’s Elevating Denver segment! Private Joe P. Martinez was the first Latino and Coloradan to be awarded the Medal of Honor in World War II and in 1966, the City and County of Denver named an 11-acre park in the Villa Park neighborhood in his honor. 

In 2020, Livable Cities Studio began working on a Vision Plan with the City & County of Denver to revitalize the park. This tribute will provide visitors an opportunity to learn more about Private Martinez’s life and legacy as well as providing a Denver connection to Latino veterans, and recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The new vision for the park reflects the diverse and rich culture of the neighborhoods, honors its namesake, and enhances the natural ecology of nearby Lakewood Gulch with health and wellness opportunities. Throughout the planning process and within the design phase, our team engaged deeply with the surrounding community, schools and neighborhood organizations building ownership along the way. We’re excited to remain involved and are currently finishing the design for the first phase of improvements.