Happy to share our team’s American Planning Associate (APA) Colorado award for the Outdoor Adventure and Alternative Sports Strategic Plan, which we completed in partnership with Denver Parks and Recreation! Meredith received the award alongside DPR’s Owen Wells and Stacie West at the annual APA Conference. 

The plan builds upon the vision in Denver’s ‘Game Plan for a Healthy City’ to create a 20-year strategic framework that diversifies current recreation opportunities by providing new ways to engage with and recreate in the outdoors. LCS led collaborative planning and engagement efforts to develop this plan, which will help DPR address issues of equitable access to outdoor recreation and position Denver as the premier city for outdoor adventure. The plan suggests deliberate, transformative enhancements framed by four focus areas: Increased Participation; Progressive and Inclusive Programming; Access and Transportation; and Communications and Education. Each focus area has associated strategies at a person, neighborhood, or city and mountain scale.

Thank you to our subconsultants, Watson Wenk, Stantec, and Berry Dunn, for their support in developing this implementation plan!